From business owners to busy professionals, event managers, operation managers, project managers and team leaders, community leaders, family leaders and students, YearGlance has proven to help different industries visualize the big picture and make planning a breeze.

But for 2024, we’re working on a fully redeveloped version of YearGlance, built from the ground up.

You will have the opportunity to:

1. Add and edit events

Add and edit events with a few clicks, ensuring that your schedule is always up to date. Whether you’re scheduling meetings, appointments, or social events, you can easily update your calendar with a few clicks, making sure it’s always accurate and up-to-date.

2. Calendars synced in real-time

No more refresh buttons! We will keep all your calendars automatically synced so you never miss an important update or change. We’ll ensure you’re constantly up-to-date and never miss an update or last-minute change to your plans.

3. See more calendar views

We’ll keep all your favourite multi-month and year views… Then let’s add more various calendar views to suit your preferences, paving the way for you to see your schedule most conveniently. You can have the option from multiple calendar views to better manage your schedule… think single month, week, day and agenda view, 

4. Update billing and subscription

Update your billing information and manage your subscription with ease, ensuring uninterrupted access to all YearGlance features. We want you to have everything easily at your fingertips

5. Share and embed public calendars

This is one of our most requested features! Effortlessly share and embed public calendars, allowing you to collaborate and coordinate with coworkers, friends, and family, making it easy to stay connected and aligned with others.

6. Integrate calendars more smoothly

Enjoy more seamless integration with your favourite apps and tools, ensuring that events and tasks are synced across platforms, allowing you to stay organised and productive regardless of which tools you use.

7. Enjoy a better UI

It’s not 2020 anymore! Experience a redesigned user interface that improves usability and simplifies navigation offering an improved planning experience, and making it simpler than ever to use your calendar, manage your schedule, and remain organised with YearGlance.

We want to improve your planning experience to maximise your productivity, help you prioritise well and make good decisions, set goals for the year, and ensure you have enough time for new opportunities. Allowing you to plan the way you want.