Plan your year the way you want

Year Glance is the premium year planning tool that connects all your online calendars into one beautiful view. 

Visualise the big picture
Make informed decisions

For work and play and everything in-between, there are so many ways to use Year Glance:

  • Streamline the planning process.
  • Make planning, coordination, and decision-making a breeze.
  • Collaborate effectively and transparently.
  • See what needs to happen when.
  • Know what to say yes and no to doing.
  • Plan and manage events, resources, projects and people.
  • Preset the year with purpose and enough time to work, play and rest well.

Highly visual

See the big picture
Looks great, simple aesthetics
Highly customisable

Highly digital

You get digital
Your life and brain are online
You live by your online calendar

Highly organised

Be across everything
Be in control
Zoom in and out

Year Glance in over 110 countries

Year Glance is used around the world to help individuals and organisations.

From business owners to busy professionals, event managers, operation managers, project managers and team leaders, community leaders, family leaders and students…

Here are just a few of the use cases.

Board & Executive Planning

Event & Client Management

Staffing & HR Management

Content & Media Scheduling

Family & Resource Management

Strategy Planning

Cross-Department Collaboration

Project Management

Year In Review

How Year Glance works

Integrate your calendars, customise the planner and glance the flow of your year.

When you’re finished, perfectly print your year as a wall calendar, save it to PDF or just keep coming back for a perfect dynamic view.

Integrate your Google & Microsoft Calendars

Whether you have 1 or 50 Google or Microsoft calendars, we can get you connected in 30 seconds.

Your data is dynamic so you’re not waiting for your data to sync every 12 hours via iCal <- old school!

Select your calendar view

View your year horizontally, vertically or by month

Customise everything

Want to see all your events or just the all day ones? Need to see more less details?
Change cell sizes, font sizes and cell colors. There are many controls at your fingertips for what you need to see.

Security is #1

We will not mess around with your important data because it belongs to you. Your data is private and stays where it belongs so we don’t touch it, see it or save it on our server. We deliver your events straight from the cloud to your browser with full authentication.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your sensitive information is kept confidential, protected and untouched. 

Bring any device

Glance your year on any device or screen size. We made Year Glance to be responsive. (Your year is big so we think bigger screens are better!)

Save and print your calendar

Using Year Glance on its own is great, but having the power to reference your year physically is even better. Print to any paper size your printer can handle or save to a handy PDF. No more fiddly wall planners! Reference your year on paper for meetings, presentations, and on-the-go planning.

Share your year calendar to the world

** coming soon **

We’re working hard to make it easy for you to share your public calendars via links and embed code. It is coming very soon, we promise!

Some words from our customers

We love hearing how Year Glance is serving our customers…

“We are so happy to have found Year Glance! As a venue, we need to see all of our events and deadlines for the whole year. Year Glance has helped us be able to do this and made business so much easier!”

Vanessa M

Event Planner

“Year Glance allowed us to see the whole year on one screen instead of multiple. At one point, we even printed out massive paper calendars and looked at them on the floor of one of our management meetings. We don’t have to do that anymore!”

Adam S

VP Operations, Production Company

“Year Glance is the only product I could find that integrates my Google Calendar into a year view. I love the fact that I can see my annual events in one clean view.”

Josh K

Church Pastor

“We wanted something that could pull all our information, give us something clear visual and let us select when and where we’re going for our getaways. That was it. That was what we needed and it was important. And that’s when I came across Year Glance.”

Tristan S

Financial Planner & Life Coach

love this thing. Too bad Google sucks so hard at UI/UX.”

Doug C

Arts Manager

“I stumbled across Year Glance while I was looking for an online tool that integrates my Google & Outlook calendars. But what I love most is the simplicity and the comprehensive view of my year.”

Deidre R

Academic Advisor

“There used to be a Microsoft Outlook year view add-on but it doesn’t work and this is much better. It’s a really valuable tool. I can step back and get the full year view. It’s all in one place.”

Manel S

Investor & Advisor

“We cast our Year Glance calendar to the TV in our office to look at months in advance, which Google Calendar can’t do. This replaces the whiteboard on our wall and it works great!”

Piper D

Safety Specialist

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