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Do you enjoy planning and organising?
Are you obsessed with digital planners or online calendars?
Have you ever felt frustrated by online calendars without a beautiful year view?

If you’re saying YES to any of those questions, we hear you and Year Glance is made for you. Year Glance gives you the big picture of your year to help plan your year with meaning.

What is Year Glance?

First, you must be wondering, “What is Year Glance?”. Year Glance is the only year calendar tool of its kind, built by Evan Englezos, a highly organised, digital, and visual Aussie digital coach and developer.

With the advance of Internet technologies, online calendars and planners are booming. However, you may have realised that these calendars are really good at the granular detail but there is no big picture online calendar with integration to your online calendars. The exciting news is that Year Glance is available now, the tool that empowers you to plan your year the way you want.

Using Year Glance, you have lots of controls at your fingertips to organise your life and boost your productivity. By a simple click, Year Glance can sync your Google and Outlook calendars in 30 seconds. You can glance your year with your favourite colours, on any device or screen size, horizontally or vertically. Furthermore, you can print your customised year calendar to any paper size your printer can handle or save to a handy PDF.

Why Year Glance matters and how it helps you 

To dive deeper, you might be thinking about why having a year calendar tool matters. Why is visualising the big picture so important? On top of what a normal online calendar can do, we explore the unique value of using Year Glance and keeping the big picture in sight, and five far-reaching benefits.

1. It helps you make informed decisions. 

According to the new research from Ohio State University, looking at the bigger picture can help you make the most beneficial choice for everyone involved. When you are planning events a year from now with Year Glance, you distance yourself from a decision, step back to look at the whole situation, and see more clearly the best way to allocate the resources. In this way, you can make the most efficient decision that maximises the overall benefits.

2. It promotes your self-control. 

With Year Glance’s big picture, you can reinforce your self-control by ignoring the attraction of short-term temptations to achieve long-term goals. As Shahram Heshmat, an associate professor at the University of Illinois, demonstrates, seeing the big picture allows you to have more control in your thinking and behaviours and to consider multiple aspects of a situation. That leads you to reason more wisely and think more creatively in order to solve problems and pursue end goals.

3. It gives you broader visions. 

Planning with Year Glance shows a broader vision of your situation, which is significant and necessary especially in team management and business leadership. Darren Brady from Total Team Building says, “Most people would consider it more useful to be a big picture thinker in business, as you will be able to observe outside trends, give your company a vision and mission, and contribute towards making the company meet those goals.”  As you see, having a broader vision on Year Glance can guide you, your team, or your business to grow and flourish.

4. It brings purpose to your daily activities. 

Taking a big picture view on Year Glance, it leads to a real sense of fulfillment and life purpose. After in-depth interviews with diverse participants, Rose Hoare from CNN Business concludes that seeing the big picture and striving for long-term goals require us to reflect on our deep values and desires, which brings a genuine sense of life purpose into your everyday tasks. Phil Geldart, founder and CEO at Eagle’s Flight, also shares similar viewpoints.

5. It motivates you to keep moving. 

With a broad vision and deep sense of purpose generated by Year Glance, you are driven to move forward and reach your life goals. Procrastination is reduced because you understand the real reason for your daily activities to motivate you and eliminate the excuses. Year Glance helps you keep sight of the final destinationand manage work/life balance so you can spend time with family and friends while achieving your career success.  Visualising the year view, you can see opportunities more easily and have a new way of thinking. That enables you to stay motivated as well.

Year Glance makes your life more meaningful

  • Year Glance is a highly customisable year calendar tool to help you plan the way you want.
  • Besides the event details of a normal online calendar, Year Glance brings the big picture to life.
  • Five key aspects of how Year Glance helps you include decision-making, self-control, broader vision, a strong sense of purpose, and motivation.

To make your life easier and more meaningful, why not give Year Glance a try? You can get started right here for free. We have created a short video to give you a better idea of how Year Glance works. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to us and follow us on the socials. We’re always here for you.

Evan & the Year Glance team