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Executive summary


Tristan Scifo, Financial Advisor, Mentor & Coach from Purpose Advisory, shared his journey with Year Glance in an interview with us. Tristan, one of our first faithful followers, has been using Year Glance since its early inception. Tristan sees Year Glance a clever and significant tool to visualise the year and plan ahead to simplify his work and life.

About Tristan


Tristan is a Financial Advisor, Life Coach and Mentor at Purpose Advisory based in Sydney, Australia. He is also a loving husband and dad of a 2-year-old daughter. Tristan started the Purpose Advisory to offer a combination of financial advice and life coaching. His mission is to help people get clear on their identity, discover their purpose, and assist them with the How of living out that purpose for their lives. Along with his business, Tristan is also a passionate educator, running free educational events on a regular basis at Purpose Academy. Tristan and his team have helped many young people plan their lives, develop enriching relationships, and invest their wealth in line with their values.

Challenges and objectives


“I was intently looking for a tool for my end of the year planning and this is all personal. My wife and I aim to plan out the year ahead in terms of our holidays for a couple of reasons.”

1. The need to set out plans for a more balanced life

The first reason for Tristan to purposefully seek a year planning tool is because of his love for his wife. Tristan’s wife, Renee, loves and craves the interaction with nature. But living in Sydney, a bustling part of the world, they found it hard to get out to nature. To provide Renee with this space, Tristan felt a strong desire to plan the year to create these regular getaways.


“When I started getting some proper life coaching, we realised we need a framework for how we do our lives because personally, Tristan’s a chaos monkey. I don’t have structure if I don’t make it.”

2. The need to build strict structures to get things done

In a personal sense, Tristan knows himself well and he needs a strict structure to discipline himself and turn ideas into reality step-by-step. So it’s essential for him to see the big picture, plan the year, and build the framework to stay organised.

“We wanted to be able to plan ahead a good year in advance to do that.

We wanted a tool that we could sit down and see the year before it’s all happened, and know what’s coming up.

3. Work-life balance

Being a typical Aussie working family guy, Tristan knows the juggle of career and family – managing his life coaching and financial advising business, running educational events during weekends, raising a young kid with his wife, etc. Tristan has a strong intention to seek a tool to simplify his work and life and maximise his productivity.


We wanted something that could pull all our information, give us something clear visual and let us select when and where we’re going for our getaways. That was it. That was what we needed and it was important. And that’s when I came across Year Glance.”


How Year Glance helped


1.     Visualise the year and plan better to progress towards big goals


The biggest reason for Tristan to choose Year Glance is its big-picture year view. It is extremely important for him to have a comprehensive year view to help see the movements and rhythms of his work and family life. So Tristan can map out his family holidays, balance the different needs of his family members, and make the most beneficial decision for everyone involved.

2.     Pull all Google calendars and key information together


Year Glance enables Tristan to connect all his Google calendars and key projects to one year-view with a few simple clicks. With this space, it makes it easier for Tristan to overview schedules, project progress, holiday events, family stuff, etc. This creates a clear picture of plans and goals in Tristan’s mind.

3.     Customise the unique year calendar


With Year Glance, Tristan can customise the year with his favourite colours, workdays, cell size, and view it on any device or screen size. He also has the choice to print out the calendar or save as a PDF to any paper size. Interestingly, it was Tristan’s request to have the workday customisation and it has been implemented in Year Glance.

4.     Increase the visibility and keep a regular review


Year Glance allows Tristan to keep his plans and goals visible. This constantly reminds Tristan of what’s coming up next and takes out the pain of missing out on important events. A regular review of the year calendar also motivates Tristan to accomplish his goals and helps adjust the plans accordingly.

“You’ve since really evolved your tool a lot more so it’s much more seamless. But it was great, I was like, ‘Cool, this actually solves the problem’. I’m inspired and I’m intrigued and this guy’s pretty cool. I am his fanboy.”




“The end result for me is just getting the items that we commit to in my calendar. That’s all that matters. Because I just want things in my calendar to tell me what’s going to come up. I like to be fully free to live my life and I only need to know what’s coming up next as long as the system is locking everything in place. I feel good. ”


Year Glance fulfils Tristan’s need to see the big picture and plan out the year the way he wants. Using Year Glance, it helps Tristan to build a framework to discipline himself and actualise his big goals. So personally, Tristan gets more organised and productive. Meantime, throughout the planning process, Tristan feels a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction. And that is significant to live a happy and balanced life. Year Glance makes it easier for Tristan to keep the habit of a regular review and update plans timely to adapt to changes.

“I really appreciate the tool. I think it’s a very clever tool. I’m surprised no one else has done it.


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